Our Services

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is a one-on-one meeting between a client and a therapist. At times, it may include others such as family members but the focus is on the client. The purpose of individual therapy is to assist the client in identifying thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that are self-defeating or overwhelming. Through didactic discussion and the learning of new skills, the client acquires problem solving skills and enhanced coping skills. It can be described as a process of becoming conscious of how one functions which leads to enhanced self-growth. Through therapy, people can better understand themselves in order to cope with the demands of their daily lives.

Group Therapy

Group therapy includes a small group of carefully selected clients that meet with a therapist for about 90 minutes on a regular basis. The goals of group therapy are to support each client in their emotional growth and problem solving. Hearing from others about their problems and how they have tried to solve them causes the client to think about their own problems in different ways. It also allows for the client to feel a sense of achievement when they are able to help others in their group. The support from a close group allows clients to believe that they are not alone and that others care about them. Group therapy also allows for clients to belong, feel accepted, and feel approved of. The power of the group can empower the client.

Family Therapy

Family therapy includes all members of a family and sometimes, an extended family. The family meets with the therapist to identify and resolve problems that interfere with the functioning of the family and are disruptive to the home environment. In family therapy, the family is the identified patient and problems are resolved by changing the way the family system functions not by changing a specific family member. The goals of family therapy include improving communication, learning family problem solving skills, developing and maintaining respect for all family members, and creating a supportive home environment.

Couples Counseling

Couples counseling is often referred to as marriage counseling or marital therapy. It includes both members of a couple meeting together with a therapist once a week to identify and learn how to resolve problems that effects the couple’s functioning. The identified patient is the couple’s relationship. The goals of couples counseling are to improve communication and learn how to solve conflicts together. Couples often seek counseling because of frequent arguing, feelings of distance or emptiness in the relationship, resentment from a lack of interest and affection in their partner, and not feeling listened to or able to speak up in a discussion.

Psychological Testing

Psychological testing is a complex process of evaluating an individual in order to obtain an understanding of how they uniquely function. Using interviews and a comprehensive battery of tests, information is obtained and integrated. The psychological testing will determine whether a person has any specific diagnosis that may manifest in learning, emotional, personality or relationship problems. Based on the results of the testing, recommendations can be made to determine a treatment plan, seek accommodations at school and work, assist in medication planning, and identify the best placement at school or work.
Types of testings include:

  • Intelligence to determine intellectual ability and gifted placement in school
  • Learning disabilities to identify any specific learning problems
  • AD/HD to identify whether a person has Attention Deficit Disorder
  • Accommodations testings to identify whether an individual meets the criteria for modifications in school and on standardized tests
  • Memory functioning to determine whether there are any memory impairments
  • Personality assessment to identify emotional and personality patterns of an individual and to provide/validate a mental health diagnosis
  • Corporate personality assessments to determine whether a person is the best fit for a specific job function and if they are fit for duty
  • Corporate assessments to determine employee selection, performance evaluations, and team building in the business environment

The Parent Education and Family Stabilization Course

Section 61.21 of the Florida Statutes requires that all parties to a divorce with minor children must complete a “divorce course,” approved by the Florida Department of Children and Family Services. The law requires the course to be completed “as expeditiously as possible” through a state certified provider. This course is designed to teach parents about the impact divorce has upon their children and themselves. It is designed to minimize negative interactions and to allow children to have positive relationships with both parents. Each parent must complete the course before the dissolution of marriage will be granted. We are state certified providers and our course meets the necessary educational requirements. The four hour course is presented in small groups as it has been our experience that attorneys prefer their clients to attend live groups. In addition, parents who do attend our group have the opportunity to benefit from questions asked by others and get more involved in their education.

Nurturing Parenting Course

Our Nurturing Parenting program is designed to foster positive parenting and nurturing skills. Its goals are to increase the parent’s sense of self-esteem, empathy, and ability to attach to their children. It includes parental awareness of appropriate developmental expectations, fostering the use of effective nonviolent nurturing discipline, and increasing the parent’s sense of self worth and self awareness. It is based on educational instruction that includes discussions, role plays, and nurturing exercises. Parents will learn alternatives to hitting and yelling, how to improve family communications, how to promote emotional development, and how to feel good about being a loving and caring parent.


Dr. Kimmel has been certified as a Qualified Supervisor in the State of Florida. This allows him to provide supervision to interns who are looking to meet state qualifications for licensure in their respective mental health disciplines. Supervision is provided individually or in small group.

Low Cost Treatment

We provide low cost professional therapy for those individuals and families who are unable to acquire health insurance or are unable to make their co-pays. As our economy has displaced many people from jobs or reduced their benefits, we have decided to assist these individuals by having our interns provide treatment. All sessions conducted by the interns are directly supervised by Dr. Kimmel.

Business Consulting

Business consulting is a process where the needs analysis of a company is conducted, solutions to meet those needs are designed, recommendations are made to management, and the solutions are implemented and monitored. Typical areas of business consulting include teambuilding, employee motivation, employee selection, critical incident management, communication problems, educational seminars, organizational needs analysis, change management, and conflict resolution.